Nanocapsules enable cell-inspired metabolic reactions

Nanocapsules, Nanoparticles or nanites.  We are being distracted in so many ways.  Focus. Let's revisit what they have done.   Time to graduate to a more thoughtful and a more advanced examination of what has happened to our friends, families, peers and all of our fellow living men, women and children; and what we should do about it.   The video below, called Payload, is comprehensive, very detailed and current.   It connects dots all over the place.  Why the shots?  Why do some folks drop and others don't?  Why are so many athletes and performers  dying?

  This one hour video explains all of the anomalies or "red flags" that have been waving for 3 years.  Put your thinking cap on for this one.  

For much more on frequency and methods of protecting yourself you'll find many links on this site .  For more on how to try to flush heavy metals or create protective shielding systems and strategies. check out my other website:

Rotaxanes. ecapsulate the nanocapsules that are injected with recent MANDATORY solutions and sit within the blood.  These nanocapsules are prepared to release when they are told.  Seems like the way they are told is through frequency delivered in a combination of devices and the recently installed network of transmitters and boosters. 

Take a look and we'll talk.  We need to get serious about frequency and it's dangers.  All of this has been done using frequency.  The"illness", the "remedy" and the next illness and so on...   Sending this video is not intended to scare anyone but to inspire you to think, research, innovate,  and find solutions.  We need to know the problem before we can find a solution..... and we will find solutions!  After you see this video, please jot down every crazy idea you have on how to stand up to this B.S.  Any idea could inspire an off shoot idea when we come together as a community to discuss the matter.  We will prevail but we'd better get busy until then or it won't happen.  

Payload (Full) - Why Some People Are Dying From The Vaxx and Others Are Not (

1st idea:  Why don't we contact a whole bunch of the famous people and let them know the danger that they are in?  Before that we should contact the person that made the film and get them on board with the idea?  How would they suggest doing such a thing?

Christof Plothe : Counteracting Synthetic Radiation with Natural FrequenciesWhat is an electromagnetic field? The Little-Known topic of EMFs and ...Brighteon



From replication of illness to the pursuit of the Cabal's "transhumanist" goals, this video is a refresher on much of the evidence that this plandemic has been a frequency based plan.  Knowing what they are doing is the first step.  Protecting ourselves from it is the next step.  We'll figure out the steps after that as we go.  This video is a good compilation.

Research by La Quinta Columna in Spain revealed the presence of graphene oxide in the shots as well as nanotech formation in the blood of the injected.  They also confirmed through experimental process (not only circumstantial evidence) the existence of MAC addresses connected to those who had been injected.  After that they discovered that 

 N.A.C. (N-acetyl cysteine: NAC is necessary to make and replenish glutathione in our bodies )(along with two other amino acids — glutamine and glycine —)., glutathione (sources of glutathione)., zinc and all antioxidants all work for the treatment of what is called Covid, which is an "acute irradiation syndrome" that is treated with antioxidants.  Now, they have discovered that the presence of MAC addresses in the vaxxed population is decreasing.  This shows the need for boosters to maintain the operation of the nanotech devices in the blood.  THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!!!  here is the video where I found the most recent findings from Ricardo Delgado of La Quinta Columna.  Thanks to him for his excellent and ongoing work over the last 3 years.   And lest we forget the pioneering work of German whistleblower: Dr. Andreas Noack who was killed 4 days after revealing his discoveries. (Clear evidence that he was absolutely correct!) His wife's announcement of his murder.

I want to once again, draw everyone's attention to the frequency threat that has beset our civilization.  There are a number of ways to defend against the frequency weapons trained on us.  Towers, streetlights, transmitters found in church steeples and atop apartment buildings, in our smartmeters and possibly even "transmitting" from the multi-boosted people in the grocery stores and on the sidewalks...  We are surrounded by harmful frequency.  

Brighteon Stew Peters/ Maria Zeee March 13th

How can we defend ourselves and our families from frequency?

There are devices (harmonizersother harmonizers.a little cheaper), fabric (siver clothing, material, bed canopies etc.), there are paints, faraday materials, shunghite items and frequency wands.  

For those who have been vaxxed:  get N.A.C. and do everything you can to flush out the heavy metals (we should all do this due to:chemtrails, processed food, etc.)

Thank you Yahweh for giving us Eyes to see and Ears to hear.  Please forgive those who have conceived and contrived the myriad deceptions that plague our world.  Please open their eyes.  Thank you

Brighteon Hope and Tivon on Maria Zeee.

1. Control within and  2. the hardware without.


1.Brighteon la quinta columna.  Richardo Delgado


This website is devoted to links and information pertaining to electro magnetic frequencies and their connection to human health and human control.

There are devices on this website ( that can protect you and your family from the effects of emf radiation. emfsol

These "harmonizers" convert the harmful frequencies into healthful ones.  There are lower cost personal bands and larger devices that cover a whole house and even more.  Click the logo above to find out more.

There are also shielding materials available out there.  I got my silver material and clothing from an Ontario company: EMR Shielding Solutions

Also, wire mesh and aluminum foil can be used to fashion emf shielding panels for personal protection or to build a faraday cage within your home.

The Most Important video I ever made, Save it Share it USE IT!! ( Richie from Boston. September. 5, 2022



Brighteon  Wes Truther adds way more to the Karen Kingston/Mike Adams interview above.

This seems to be one of the most inexpensive stores that sells shielding clothingLogo

Comparison of Global 5G coverage map and global ...

Coronavirus Map: How To Track Coronavirus Spread Across ...

December 21, 2021 Barry Wunsch.  a word for Canada. "they must unite" "they must come out of hiding" "where are my worshippers?" seek my face" "this is a spiritual battle" "this is an air war!" "I will release a new sound across Canada"  "these pupeteers shall have their day".  "Canada, my dear Canada, you are key."START AT 57 minutes. for the canada word BARRY WUNSCH: WORD FOR THE SUPREME COURT: "I AM REMOVING THE VEIL!" - YouTube

December 19, 2021 

frequency brainstorm.  looking for frequency system to fully block emfs at weapons settings.  Tin shields?  shielding paint, fabric (shielding company in t.o.) ?, 526 mhz? (silent) Biomedis? Omnia? organ music? "directed frequency?

 any ideas?  looking for actual defence in order to approach and skkuttle a few lollypops down the tracks. okay.

we'd better come up with some ideas.  if you are having trouble, watch a few star trek episodes pertaining to "the borg"

if you know anyone that may have some ideas about frequency or beating the cold shelter and refuge situations, please forward this to them.  thanks.  if this email gets away from us, you can make submissions to either of these brainstorming efforts on the site, at the bottom of the page.

thanks, stay warm, resistance is NOT futile.

Simon and Kim Introduce Biomedis Global. - YouTube

Biomedis Trinity – Multi-Frequency Bio-Resonance Technology

Looking Backward: Erie County Savings Bank, August 11 ...Erie County Savings Building,  Buffalo N.Y..  Click this to see documentary: Stolen History Parts 1 and 2

This documentary will open your eyes to the possible roots of the situation we have in the world today.  History is important to understand for us to move forward.  Falsified history even more so.

Dec. 17, 2021  Defensive frequency to look into: 526 mhz


Protect yourself against 5G Radiation - Advanced Nano Technology - with Michael Tellinger

Deca Energy

Our understanding of exactly how the human cell reacts from a vibrational perspective to microwave radiation is what allows us to prescribe a solution.

The invention of our products, which has been brought to us by Dr Lakicevic, is truly unique because it uses a new type of energy, called Deca Energy, to intercept the MWR field and set it back to balance and centredness.

Deca Energy is a perfectly balanced, centred energy field and it can be programmed to perform the task of transforming the state of the radiation field.

These tiny units of energy are sealed within the Patch and the Pendant using 'nano- layer' technology. The ORB represents the fusion of the physical layers of the products with Deca Energy.

These layers hold fast the Deca Energy, which carries conscious instructions to bring the zero point of the radiation field back to its perfect centre.

Once this is done, we have a perfectly balanced and centred radiation field. This energy field is coherent with the energy in the human body so the infused Deca energy can meet the radiating energy from the device and set it to harmony - and it can meet the energy from within your body and bring that into balance. Once this vibrational ‘match’ is achieved, we have resonance between the two electrical fields - the body and the microwave radiation are in harmony.

Deca energy has the form of a dodecahedron, a 12-sided pentagon. It has 6 pairs of spiraling cones of light passing electrical current across its structure. This current passes back and forth and never stops running, which means that the radiation balancing effects in the ORB will last forever.

  Church organ editorial photography. Image of pipe, gold ...Old Organs and ChoirsBundy's Blog: Hockey Traditions Disappearing

This frequency brainstorm continues.  These connections were made yesterday for you to check out.  We are moving rapidly.  Our goal is atainable.  Defensive tech to protect us from the frequency weapons and systems trained on us.  Please, if you have anything to add, say or mention, I will post it here. send to:  Let's continue our explorations and research and come together with our findings.

Oct. 29,2021

The Science of Music by Eric Dollard (3 of 12) - YouTube

Big Eureka - The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman - YouTube

Peter Lindemann Mechanical Amplifiers by Jim Murray - YouTube

Doc of Detox - YouTube Dr. Darrel Wolfe

This is all FREQUENCY.  So.  What are we going to do about it?  What about looking deep style into the use of frequency for good.  The frequency of love and holy spirit and Jesus, as well as more exact and directed use of frequency to protect and defend and indeed RESCUE and empower others to do the same.  Shielding, music and emotion, using singing to block emf effect.  production of music and tone as armor.  The use of sacred geometry.  like russian pyramids. etc.  Looking back, the keys of Solomon seem important.  The idea that sound was used to move massive blocks once upon a time.  And of course all the modern, secret and incursive uses of frequency that satan, science and now Ai have come up with.  Damaging and deceptive.

   Are we really trying to fight frequency replicated illness with vitamin C and Ivermectin.  Hey.  step out of the matrix.  fully out.  Okay.  That's better.  Everything is a lie.  What we have here is a tabula rasa.  A blank slate.  This time as we recognize the reality we are part of, rather than the one we've been told about, make objectivity a priority.  Right after thanking Jesus for all of this.  For giving us eyes to see and for being ever available to all of us, guiding us within all that God has provided.  Thankyou to the holy spirit for compelling us to goodness and for bringing us together in this time.  Thank you.  Send me any info that you think will move us forward in this pursuit.  There are only around 10 people that I will notify of this effort right now.

Relaxing Music & Binaural Beats

Here is a site for some deeper contemplation. we who have been, by God, given eyes to see.  To see the deception, excuses and ulterior motives being worked on our families, friends and our society generally.  We need to brainstorm and consider some ancient truths to do with frequency.  To all music producers, sensitive individuals,  truthers, researchers, htargeted individuuuuules. and those with sound "no pun intended" backgrounds.  All experts that I can find.  We will use this little site to discuss and develop ideas and possibilities.  We aren't the only ones.  Together ,we are strong.  They cannot hold us back.  

Torture: Physical, Mental & Psychological

TI’s suffer enormously and some common health related issues that TI’s deal with are listed on Targeted Individuals Association;

Direct pain in the body that tends to get worse and more severe, pain the in the spinal cord or back, lethargic and aching pains, pain in the back of the head, pain in the amygdala or the limbic system, pain in the forehead or front lob, cooked brain (slight heating of the brain to induce synthetic emotional states or stress disorders, electroshocks in the brain, involuntary body movements caused by nervous system attacks, pain the the chest, palpitations and adrenal rushes, toothaches, gum bleeding, mild heart attacks, pain in vital organs, electronic sexual “rapes” during sleep or while awake, are just some of the torture tactics TI’s have to endure, notwithstanding the mind control, surveillance, isolation and vilification from society.

One individual who has been electronically targeted is Robert Stanson.  Stanson has been targeted for over two years.  The targeting has created havoc and upheaval in his life.  He was targeted neurally and genitally to the point of extreme discomfort wherein he couldn’t stand comfortably in one location.  He would experience sharp jolts to the head, heart palpitations, acute pains to the body, stomach distress and fear of going out in public.  Stanson’s quality of life was sharply declining and he took proactive counter measures to battle the assaults.  TI’s are left to their own devices to find ways to battle this weaponry since the health/police/judicial communities have long since abandoned the people they serve and collude with those harming us.

Stanson developed a Reverse Polarity Helmet and Anti Polarity Cup, in effect, fight frequency with frequency.  Jam the attacks being directed at him.  He states that he has slowly worked up to wearing his helmet daily, and states the targeting has measurably decreased and is able to sleep through the night, thinks more clearly, and negative lower vibratory emotions have ceased.  He can now reach a comfort state with a marked amelioration in symptoms.  The helmet and the cup are very good ideas to protect our DNA and genetic code.

More and more TI’s are standing up against these assaults and finding ways to help mitigate the devastating impacts the targeting has had on their lives. The items Robert has created, corroborate with other researchers and their technologies like Health Researcher Tony Pantalleresco’s  Electromagnetic Frequency Pulser that can also jam the frequency attacks .

Please watch Robert’s you tube videos to make the helmet and the cup.  If you are dexterity challenged, Robert will make the items for you.

Directed energy & grounding in hotels - YouTube

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"Smart Meters" & EMR: The Health Crisis Of Our Time - Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt


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